Kenmin no mori - a destination after my heart.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ~ Jim Bishop

A year ago in Spring, I discovered Kenmin no mori. I was driving to a photo session when I noticed the hill on my right was covered in white. I knew I had to check it out! I discovered sakura heaven. Fluffy white everywhere you looked. But I also noticed all the momiji and thought to myself that I really need to return in Fall to see what this place looked like! Well I never got around to it last year but this year I made it a point to go check, and it did not disappoint! Although it was rather late in the season, the trees still showed their glorious reds and yellows. There was a carpet of red - the most delight my feet have ever had with kicking those leaves up high into the air. Well, I was sold. I needed to do a photo session here. So it was awesome to have the Towery family take me up on my family mini session. It was gorgeous day and the leaves brought great joy.