Fox Village Kitsune Mura

Had the chance to visit the Fox Village (Kitsune Mura) this winter! Here's my short review of the place:

1.  Glad I went - will probably never go again.

2. Glad I went in winter - it stinks so bad of urine and wet fur. I can only imagine how much worse it would be in summer.

3. The foxes are beautiful and creepy at the same time.

4. You are warned at the beginning to not stand in one place for too long or they will come up to you and pee on you. This keeps you in constant fear. Especially if you are trying to take a photo of the fox and it starts to slowly approach you.

5. If you are going in winter, wear snow boots. You do NOT want to slip on the ice and fall into all the surrounding fox urine and hair. (yes I did fall....and it was not pleasant)

6. Speaking of hair - this place will make you crave a fur coat...

7. Be prepared to bump into a lot of nerdy gamers (apparently they all find this place through some gaming blog...)


So overall, it is worth seeing at least once in your life!